Heinzerling Community Employee is Honored with Award at OPRA Conference


Congratulations to Foday Koroma for being selected as a “behind the scenes” award winner. This award from the Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA) is dedicated to individuals who work “behind the scenes” to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. The award was presented to Foday during a luncheon at this year’s OPRA Fall. The following nomination was submitted to recognize Foday:

“Foday has been with Heinzerling Community since 2013 and was hired as a dish machine operator (DMO). Foday’s home country is Africa. When he came to work at Heinzerling, he had little to no knowledge of American food, portion control, and texturing food items for our resident’s swallowing difficulties. While working as a DMO, Foday started to learn from observing and helping others on how to texture food, apply ingredients/spices, and divide food appropriately for portion control.

After some time, Foday expressed interest in the open cook’s position, which is difficult with no experience. After a couple of months of training, Foday excelled within the cook’s position. Not only has he learned how to cook, but he makes sure the residents are receiving delicious meals daily. When we are short-staffed, Foday is the one to pick up hours in the cook’s position as well as the DMO position. He as even helped on his days off.

Foday is the definition of teamwork and provides a positive atmosphere within the kitchen. Nine out of ten times, you will walk into the kitchen and find Foday dancing to his reggae music while cooking or cleaning. If you talk to Foday about his work, he will more than likely say, “I do it for the residents because they can’t do it for themselves.” Foday is one of the most reliable employees at Heinzerling Developmental Center, and his work and dedication to the residents do not go unnoticed.”

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