There are many ways you can volunteer with the Heinzerling Community. Whether you can offer manpower, expertise, or simple friendship, you can become an integral part of the Heinzerling Community’s tradition of providing love and support to the individuals who live here. We offer several volunteer opportunities:

  • Volunteer Program Aide: Volunteers who assist an individual with specific communication, social, motor and/or self-help skills. Volunteer will work 1:1 with children or adults based on preference.
  • Volunteer Buddy: The volunteer buddy program is for 11, 12, and 13-year olds who volunteer under parental supervision. A buddy is assigned to one younger resident to provide friendship.
  • Volunteer Friends: The volunteer friend program is for teens 14 years of age or older who can offer friendship to one resident. Activities may include reading, playing a game, or taking a walk with the resident.
  • Clerical Volunteer: This volunteer performs clerical duties for the development or volunteer departments.
  • Therapy Volunteer: This program is limited to college students who are pursuing a career in occupational or physical therapy.
  • Group Volunteers: Volunteer opportunities are open to corporate, civic, social and religious groups. Volunteer groups can work on special projects or assist with fundraising.

What’s In It for Me?

The Heinzerling Community has an established corps of volunteers who realize their investment of time and energy is often rewarded tenfold. Volunteering is an investment because, in the process of helping others, you often discover more of your own strength and self-worth. You realize the joy of volunteering when residents look at you with love and trust in their eyes. It’s very rewarding to see many of the residents progress step-by-step and know that you are a part of that.

As a Heinzerling volunteer, you will make a huge difference in a resident’s life. You will turn your good intentions into reality and change a life forever.

For more information or to volunteer, contact:

Sanya Kohli
Volunteer Coordinator
Heinzerling Community

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