Heinzerling Community Employee is Honored with Award at OPRA Conference

Heinzerling Community OPRA Award Winner

Congratulations to Mary Gallucci, Unit Manager, Heinzerling Developmental Center, for receiving the Ohio Provider Resource Association “Front Line Supervisor” award during the recent OPRA spring conference! Mary has provided 40 years of exemplary service to the residents and staff at Heinzerling Community. Mary began her career as a Direct Support Professional with Heinzerling Community in September 1980. She quickly stood out as a leader! After working as a DSP for about a year, Mary was promoted to Unit Manager. She continued to grow as a caregiver and a staff leader.

Throughout her years, Mary has formed unbreakable bonds with the residents who reside at Heinzerling Community. Families and guardians trust Mary to provide excellent care to their loved ones, and former residents will visit just to spend a day with her! Mary spends her day giving quality care and orders and maintains all of the residents’ supplies, from lotions, hair brushes, and razors to fun holiday decorations that brighten up the living areas. Everyday Mary goes above and beyond to enrich the lives of the individuals she serves.

In addition to Mary being an exceptional caregiver, she has trained countless DSPs. Mary takes pride in giving new DSPs a solid foundation in providing outstanding care to the individuals they serve. She remains patient and thorough in her training while encouraging her trainees to be confident in their ability to excel. The training Mary has provided and the skills she taught the DSPs have often laid the groundwork for strong, confident, and successful Unit Managers! After 40 years of dedicated service, Mary has become the go-to person for staff from all departments. Her knowledge of the residents and company policies and procedures is invaluable.

On any given day, you will find Mary filling many roles. She never cracks under pressure, keeps a positive attitude, and continues to train new DSPs and Unit Managers through the daily challenges all caregivers face.  Mary is an excellent example of a Front Line Supervisor and an invaluable member of Heinzerling Community.

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