Our dietary departments serve high quality food that meets the developmental and nutritional needs and preferences of our residents. Registered dietitians thoroughly assess residents and evaluate their nutritional status each quarter. Our dietitians oversee qualified staff that specializes in preparing food items that are compatible with the oral motor abilities of our residents and as prescribed by our therapists and physicians. The dietary department also provides food and special treats for many of our special events for residents and staff.

Many of our residents receive their nutrition via a feeding tube. The department prepares numerous formulas to insure that residents with swallowing difficulties and other oral motor challenges receive proper nutrition.

Family-style dining often takes place at mealtime to encourage socialization. Residents are encouraged to indicate their food preferences so that menu and snack items can be provided accordingly. Dietary staff prepares packed lunches for residents who attend school and off-site programs during the day.

Heinzerling Memorial Foundation participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs. Residents under 21 years of age are eligible.  Menus are planned to meet the meal patterns for guidelines for fluid milk, meats/meat alternatives, vegetables, fruits and grains. Meals are prepared and served according to federal nutritional requirements of the program.
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For more information about our dietary department contact:

Lois Parker, RD, LD
Heinzerling Memorial Foundation

Lois Parker, RD, LD
Heinzerling Developmental Center

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