Heinzerling Community Endowment Held at the Columbus Foundation

In 2003, the Heinzerling Foundation Fund was established as an endowment fund to be managed by external financial advisors and the Columbus Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to benefit the Heinzerling Community, its facilities, staff and residents, and ensure future financial security. The Heinzerling Community earns interest on this fund which is reinvested annually in a conservative financial portfolio. Contributions and planned gifts can be made to the Heinzerling Foundation Fund by any individual or entity, and is tax deductible. Your gift to the Heinzerling Foundation Fund will support Heinzerling Community in perpetuity.

Benefits of the Heinzerling Foundation Fund to Our Organization:

  • The fund is protected to meet unforeseen future needs of the organization.
  • Provides a relatively constant source of annual income from interest earned on the principal of the fund. *Heinzerling reinvests interest annually into the fund.
  • Fulfills the organization’s mission in perpetuity.
  • Demonstrates the organization’s security, stability, and long-range financial planning.
  • Enables our organization to obtain funds for current operations more easily.
  • Increases investment return since the endowment fund is pooled with other funds at the Columbus Foundation.

To receive more information on making a gift to the Heinzerling Foundation Fund, please contact:

Brian Asbury
Director of Development and Public Relations
Heinzerling Community

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