Program Services

We work hard to create a nurturing environment in which every resident has opportunities to learn, to have fun, to feel safe, and to make choices about what happens in their lives. We strive for residents to live as independently as possible.

There is always something fun and exciting happening within the Heinzerling Community. Whether it is an event at one of the off-site day programs that many of our residents attend, an activity at one of our locations, or having fun at a neighborhood event, our residents enjoy a wide variety of experiences that enrich their lives.

The program department encompasses the majority of hands-on services provided to residents. Led by the program director, the program staff includes a team of direct support professionals (DSP’s), unit managers, behavior specialists, habilitation specialists (teachers) and activity coordinators who work together to provide attentive, loving care and support for each resident. Our round-the-clock staff of DSP’s and unit managers provides personal care as well as therapeutic, recreational and educational supports. Although we realize that our staff can never replace the love of family, we encourage DSP’s to develop special bonds with residents for whom they provide care on a consistent basis.

Our team of staff and specialists, along with each resident and their family or guardian, focuses on developing and identifying the following:

  • Person-centered individualized plans which identify important details about each individual
  • What’s important to and what’s important for the individual
  • Abilities rather than disabilities
  • Areas where support is needed:
    • Communication
    • Socialization
    • Sensory awareness
    • Mobility
    • Daily living activities such as eating and dressing
    • Community participation

For more information about our program department contact:

Colleen Channel, Program Director
Heinzerling Memorial Foundation

JaNan Maclin, Program Director
Heinzerling Developmental Center

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