Donations go a long way towards providing our residents with experiences, equipment, and special items that greatly enhance their quality of life. Consider making a one-time donation or a recurring gift to the Heinzerling Community. You can make a gift in memory or in honor of a loved one by accessing our secure donation page. Make a donation today that will have a meaningful impact on the lives of our residents. It’s simple, easy and secure.

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Your support helps fund:

Community Integration

During the year, our residents participate in more than 250 outings and community events. Residents enjoy opportunities to meet and socialize with others outside of their residence, use their mobility skills in different environments, encounter new and unique sensory experiences, and have fun.

Adaptive Therapy Equipment

Our residents benefit greatly from specialized therapy equipment that is adapted to meet their individual needs. Adaptive equipment helps improve physical function, muscle tone, mobility and overall health and well-being.

Sensory toys and Communication Devices

Our residents use specialized toys and adaptive switches to increase sensory awareness and understand cause and effect. Since most of our residents are nonverbal, communication devices enable them to make their needs and wishes known to others around them.

Individualized Items

Donations are often used to pay for extra special items for our residents that are not covered by Medicaid. These include special soaps and shampoos, clothing, shoes, books, music and simple games.

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Brian Asbury
Director of Development and Public Relations
Heinzerling Community

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