Each Heinzerling Community location is licensed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities as a residential care facility and certified by Title 19, Medicaid, as an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID).  Children and adults are admitted on the basis of developmental criteria without regard to race, religion or ability to pay. Many residents attend schools or day programs at off-site locations. All residents are served by an interdisciplinary team that provides expertise in areas that include medical care, education, social and behavioral development, recreation, therapy, nutrition and community involvement, all important in one’s development and quality of life.

Heinzerling Memorial Foundation

Heinzerling Memorial Foundation is home to children and young adults who are non-ambulatory individuals with severe or profound developmental disabilities. Individuals living at HMF receive compassionate, person-centered care focused on developing skills and abilities in the areas of need while receiving the physical and medical supports to maintain health and well-being.

Heinzerling Developmental Center

Heinzerling Developmental Center provides a comfortable home for non-ambulatory individuals over the age of 22 with severe or profound developmental disabilities where they can relax, have fun and be themselves. We are dedicated to providing care and support that surrounds them with the love and compassion that each of them deserves.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe, creative and stimulating home environment where individuals with complex needs can thrive.

We understand your loved one’s needs are unique. Our exceptional staff has the expertise, knowledge, and commitment to provide the care and support that is essential to your loved one in kind and nurturing surroundings.

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